Split Tape with Belegûr

by Fravær

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This is the Fravær half of the split. To hear the Belegûr half please visit: belegur.bandcamp.com/album/split-tape-with-frav-r


released October 29, 2016

All Belegûr songs written and performed by Jordan Dyment.
"The Crying Orc" originally performed by Burzum, written by Varg Vikernes.

All Fravær songs written by Kevin T. Shedaker.
All Fravær tracks performed by Wyrm.




Fravær New Jersey

The brainchild of Utgangen founder Wyrm.

Fravær touches new ground previously off limits.

Official Facebook:

Fravær Logo designed by William Sihr.

Utgangen Logo designed by Kevin T Shedaker.
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Track Name: Din evig mørke (Intro)
Track Name: Fravær
Since your passing time has stood still
Nothing has changed, absence of growth
Your plants have died and dried up
My heart has become a hollow shell
Lifeblood drained and weak I am

I begged for your return
The ferry man has ignored my cries
Though all is an illusion
It feels real, like a living hell
I have been damned
An eternity of emptiness

The only respite I find is in the pills
They take away my thoughts
Free my vessel of the pain
Though a god within me dwells
My mortal frame is weak
Spiritual absence has stricken me

Euphoria overtakes my body
Ingest that little pill and drift off into space
Devoid of any care, there is no need for reason
Your absence has created within me a void
I strive to fill this chasm with pride

Immortal fear of death grows
Irrational, though it seems to be
I've lost the strength to go on
The god within has died
Your absence has killed me

Forgive me for I must leave
To take this life and be free
Perhaps though time may not exist
Together again, you & I betwixt
Regain our love, in the void
I need you in my life
A needle in my direction
A bullet in the head
Track Name: Dweller av tomrommet
I awaken to blackness surrounding
My eyes appear not to work, am I blind?
I can feel the sensation of cold
Where are you? I cry out your name.
I've come to be with you
Life wasted, though not true.
Even in the void you fail me
I've severed my lifeline to join you

Now I appear lost, deep within the maze
Void Dweller
I am nothing but another blind soul
Mindlessly stumbling in this blackness
My suicide has rendered me cold
The skin on my arms begins to peel

The further I walk I lose more mass
Skin falls off in chunks
My skeletal frame becoming seen
Til I am nothing but bones
A world of cold, devoid of light
My feet drag across the stone floor

Deeper I dwell into the void's maze
Scraping my hands against the walls
Trying to find an exit, to no avail
I have become another blind soul
Mindlessly shuffling in the dark
I beg for my return, but no reply

Even in death you fail me
I am lost deep now within the void
I have become another lost soul
Damned to wander this dark maze
Void Dweller
Track Name: Stillhet (Outro)